Titanic Walkway

Last Update: 22 Apr 2018 | Project Status Updated

A pedestrian walkway along Victoria Wharf, connecting Titanic Slipways to Alexandra Dock.

Titanic Quarter Ltd submitted a planning application (Z/2014/1714/F) seeking permission to construct the walkway in December 2014 and received permission in March 2016.

Hall McKnight Architects were appointed, following a design competition, to design a structure to house the former Mew Island Lighthouse Optic. Titanic Foundation and Hall McKnight submitted a planning (LA04/2016/2430/F) in November 2016 proposing to install the Optic within transparent structure along the proposed new walkway at Victoria Wharf. The application was approved in January 2017.

McEvoy Contracts Ltd commenced construction of the walkway in May 2017 and completed work in March 2018.

The walkway opened on 8th March 2018.