Thirty Three South

Last Update: 4 Apr 2020 | Project Status Updated

  • Address: Roseland Place, Belfast, BT12 5JR
  • Use: Residential
  • Units: 33
  • Floors: 4
  • Planning Reference:


  • Planning Status: Approved
  • Project Status: Construction
  • Start Date:


  • Completion Date:


  • Developer:

    Hagan Homes

  • Contractor:

    Hagan Homes

Thirty Three South comprises developed by Hagan Homes. The development is accessed from Roseland Place and has frontages to both Utility Street and Uereka Drive. The 29no. two bedroom apartments and 4no. one bedroom apartments are arranged around a central courtyard space within five blocks known as the Blackstaff, Donegall, Foster, Library and Ruby Buildings.

Prior to development the 0.2ha. site was vacant since at least the early 2000s. The Carvill Group submitted planning applications in 2003 and 2007 (Z/2003/2943/F & Z/2007/1603/F) proposing to develop 35no. apartments and 45no. apartments respectively. The applications were approved in May 2005 and March 2008.

H Gillespi (Properties) Ltd submitted a planning application (Z/2014/0107/F) in 2014 proposing to develop 33no. apartments across five 3-storey blocks. The application was approved in March 2015.

Hagan Homes commenced construction during 2019.