St Thomas Hall

Last Update: 8 Jul 2018 | Planning Status Updated

St. Thomas Hall is a  four-storey residential building comprising 17no. apartments.

The site (0.14 acres) was previously occupied by the former St Thomas’ parish church (demolished in November 2015).

Scandown LLP and Coogan & Co Architects submitted a planning application (Z/2009/0550/F) in April 2009 proposing to develop a retail and office building. The application was withdrawn in June 2010.

The site was placed on the market during 2013 with offers invited in the region of £175,000.

Seville Ltd submitted a planning application (Z/2013/1482/F) in December 2013 proposing to develop 19no. apartments. Revised designs were submitted in July 2014, November 2014, April 2015 and July 2015. The proposal (revised to 17 apartments) was approved in September 2015.

MSM Contracts were awarded a Design & Build contract by Windsor Developments and commenced on-site during September 2016.

Dream Apartments announced in April 2017 that the company will manage all 17 apartments as short-term lets.

MSM Contracts completed the building during August 2017.

Dream Apartments submitted a planning application (LA04/2018/1646/F) in June 2018 proposing retrospective change of use from 17no. apartments to 17no. serviced apartments.