Lagan Weir Bridge

Last Update: 12 Jun 2016 | General Update

The original Lagan Weir bridge opened on completion of the Lagan Weir in 1994, connecting Donegall Quay and Queen’s Quay. As use of the footbridge increased, proposals to replace were introduced by the Department for Social Development. A planning application (Z/2013/1369/F) was submitted in November 2013 to replace the footbridge with a new pedestrian and cycle bridge. The replacement of the footbridge forms part of Phase One of the DSD’s Queen’s Quay Masterplan (2013).

The new pedestrian / cycle bridge is 120m in length with 28m ramps at each end. The bridge is of structural steel, enveloped in aluminium cladding and the surface is finished with natural stone paving. The project also involved the upgrading of the Lagan Weir’s external lighting and refurbishment of the pier glazing. Thermal imagery cameras now cover the deck and adjacent river area and emergency call points have been installed on the bridge. The total cost of the project is £5.5m.

Construction commenced in October 2014 and was completed on Monday 29th June 2015, with the bridge opening to the public on Tuesday 30th June 2015.