James House

Last Update: 13 Jun 2016 | New Project Added

A £19.5m, five-storey, 111,488ft2 office building developed by Turkington Holdings. Designed by Alan Cook Architects and completed in phases by Turkington Construction: Phase 1: April 2004; Phase 2&3: October 2004; Phase 4: June 2005.

The building was sold Threadneedle Investments for £10.1m in December 2013.


Turkington Holdings were selected in October 1999 as preferred developer for James House by Belfast City Council. Prior to announcing Turkington Holdings as preferred developer a number of other options were considered by Belfast City Council in 1999:

  1. Comtech Developments Limited proposed an information technology centre comprising 75,000sq ft with basement parking;
  2. CUSP Ltd proposed two office buildings of 31,500ft2 and 26,000ft2 with ground level parking;
  3. CUSP Ltd also proposed an office building comprising 63,400ft2 with ground level parking;
  4. Hong Ling Consortium, a partnership between BIH Housing Association and the Chinese Welfare Association, proposed a project to meet the housing and social needs of the Chinese elders in Belfast. The Consortium proposed a community centre, thirty flats and administrative facilities for BIH Housing Association and the Chinese Welfare Association.