Harbour View

Last Update: 14 Aug 2016 | General Update

A residential scheme located on a site bound by Pilot Street, Short Street, Princes Dock Street and the former St Joseph’s Church. Harbour View comprises 53no. apartments within a five storey building and 15no. three storey houses. Built by Wilson & Mawhinney for Clanmil Housing Association between July 2007 – September 2009.


Site History

Previously occupying this site was the premises of James Clow & Co. Ltd. The original three storey 19th century building was badly damaged by a fire and was reconstructed in 1929 by architect and structural engineer Kendrick Edwards. The firm was acquired by John Thompson & Sons Ltd in 2002.

AWG Developments and MAP Architects submitted a planning application in November 2001 proposing to develop 111no. apartments over car-parking and commercial units. The application was approved in June 2003 although no development commenced.

AWG Developments submitted a revised planning application (Z/2004/2222/F) in September 2004 proposing a residential scheme for social housing comprising 52no. apartments and 18no. houses. The application was approved in December 2005.

Clanmil Housing Association acquired the site in autumn 2005 and submitted a planning application (Z/2006/0168/F) in January 2006 proposing to amend the design and layout of the previously approved scheme (Z/2004/2222/F). The revised application was approved in February 2007.

The former James Clow & Co. Ltd premises were demolished in March 2006.

Wilson & Mawhinney commenced construction of the Harbour View residential scheme in July 2007 and the development was completed in September 2009.