Chichester House

Last Update: 13 Oct 2019 | New Construction Photos

Chichester House is a proposed 8-storey building comprising 46,000ft2 of office accommodation over 5,000ft2 of retail accommodation at ground floor. A marketing website for the project is available at

The scheme is an extension and redevelopment of Londonderry House; a 6-storey office building of approximately 35,000ft2 built in the mid 1960s. Londonderry House sold for a reported £4m in October 1999.

Deramore Property Group and Milligan Reside Larkin Architects submitted a planning application (Z/2006/1653/F) in July 2006 proposing to demolish the building and develop a new 10 storey office building. The application was approved in January 2007 but the scheme did not proceed.

The building was acquired by Applecroft Investments Ltd in October 2006 for a reported £7.5m. In February 2015 the building was placed into receivership by Cerberus (US investment fund that purchased loans from NAMA in 2014).

Kilmona Property acquired the building in September 2015 and submitted a planning application (LA04/2016/0548/F) in March 2016 proposing to demolish the existing building and develop a 10-storey building comprising ground and first floor retail units (10,000ft2) and office accommodation above (75,000ft2).

The application was amended in September 2016 to propose partial demolition, extension and redevelopment of Londonderry House to provide an 8-storey office building with ground floor retail units. The application was approved in May 2017.

Strip-out of the building’s interior commenced in June 2017 and MSM Contracts commenced construction works in February 2018.

Alex Mekki hair salon relocated from the ground floor of Chichester House in March 2018. The last remaining ground floor tenant (Boojum) will remain at Chichester House within an extended commercial unit (LA04/2018/1285/F).

Kilmona Property Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2018/1106/F) in March 2018 with proposals to amend the previous consent (LA04/2016/0548/F). The application was approved in November 2018.

Kilmona Property Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2019/2018/F) in August 2019 proposing to reconfigure part of the ground floor of the building and change the use from retail to office.