Centralised Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Last Update: 21 Jul 2019 | New Project Added

A proposed anaerobic digestion facility located north of Dargan Road on 9 acres of the former landfill site at North Foreshore. The £40m development is proposed by Dargon Road Biogas Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary company of Viridian Power & Energy Ltd (trading as Energia Renewables).

The proposed facility breaks down biodegradable material (food and garden waste) in an enclosed system to produce a methane-rich biogas and compost like material, known as ‘digestate’. The biogas is converted via a CHP engine into renewable heat and electricity.

Dargon Road Biogas Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2019/1540/F) in June 2019 proposing:

“Centralised Anaerobic Digestion (CAD) plant to include a bunded tank farm, (6no. digester tanks, 2no. buffer tanks. 1no. storage tank and associated pump rooms), biogas holder, biogas conditioning system, temperature control system, waste-water treatment plant (WWTP), motor circuit control room building, hot/cold water recovery system, feedstock reception and digestate treatment building, product storage building, odour control system and associated tanks, emergency gas flare, back-up boiler, administration/office building, car parking, 3no. weighbridges, fire water tank and pumphouse, pipelines to existing combined heat and power (CHP) plant engines, switchgear, earth bunding, 3no. accesses to existing Giant’s Park Service road infrastructure and ancillary plant/site works.