Callender Buildings

Last Update: 15 Aug 2018 | General Update

Callender Buildings was built as a three storey red-brick building during the 1950s and extended and refurbished during 2016-17.

A 2/3 storey bonded warehouse was built on the site in the late 1840s. Peter Keegan & Co. Ltd., distillers, rectifiers, wholesale wine and spirit merchants owned and occupied the building until the building was destroyed in the April 1941 Blitz and the company wound up in July 1941. Peter’s brother James also owned a distillery at nearby Arthur Place during the 1800s and for much of the early 1800s the brothers operated a joint business at High Street.

The site remained vacant from 1941 until the 1950s when a three storey red brick building was built.

During 2009 Scandown Ltd and Coogan & Co Architects proposed to demolish and replace with a nine-storey building comprising ground and first floor retail and office accommodation above. The application was amended to reduce the proposed building to five-storeys and was approved in August 2010 (Z/2009/0673/F). The proposed scheme was not progressed.

The property was placed on the market in February 2014 and was later acquired by Alterity Investments.

Alterity and Milligan Reside Larkin Architects submitted a planning application (LA04/2015/0749/F) in June 2015 proposing a rear extension, new fourth floor and new facade to Callender Street. The application was approved in November 2015 and Mascott Construction commenced work in February 2016. Mascott entered administration in August 2016 and a new contractor completed work by February 2017.

Secure Broadcast relocated from Royal Avenue to occupy the upper floor office accommodation from December 2017 on a five year lease.

The ground floor commercial units are currently being fitted out (Aug 2018).

Unit 1 (820ft2) will be occupied by Arthurs Coffee House and Unit 2 (1,200ft2) will be occupied by Levantine (falafel restaurant).