Brookfield Mill

Last Update: 3 Jan 2022 | Project Status Updated

The Brookfield Mill complex comprises a four storey linen factory built 1850. The complex was occupied by Brookfield Linen Co. Ltd and Brookfield Spinning Co. Ltd. The complex closed in the early 1960s.

The Flax Trust converted the building into a small business incubator centre in 1977.

NMC Developments and RPP Architects submitted a planning application (Z/2006/2654/F) in November 2006 proposing to convert the former Brookfield Mill building to apartments and develop the remainder of the site to provide 174no. apartments, car parking and commercial/office units fronting the Crumlin Road. The application was approved in February 2008.

NMC Developments and Ard Ciaran Mackel Architects submitted a planning application (Z/2009/0461/F) in April 2009 proposing to refurbish the former Brookfield Mill building to provide 104no. apartments and demolish outbuildings to provide 40no. new build social housing apartments. The application was approved in January 2010.

NMC Developments was placed into administration in 2010.

Flax Housing Association acquired part of the site and completed development of the new build social housing element in December 2012. The five storey residential building comprises 40no. two bedroom apartments. The building replaced non historic structures within the Brookfield Mill complex, to the rear of the main mill building. The scheme cost £5.2m, including land acquisition and construction (£3.7m via the NI Housing Executive and £1.5m via Flax Housing private financing).

Kerr Property Holdings Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2019/0845/F) in March 2019 proposing to convert the vacant Brookfield Mill building to residential use. The proposed scheme comprises 77no. social housing units for Clanmil Housing. The application was approved in July 2019.