Bridge End Towers

Last Update: 26 Aug 2018 | Planning Status Updated

Currently a vacant site with frontage to Bridge End and adjacent the railway line.

SP Properties Ltd submitted a planning application (Z/2006/2702/F) in November 2006 proposing to develop 175no. apartments over 2no. ground floor commercial units and 171no. car parking spaces. The application was approved in March 2009 and expired in March 2014 with no development commencing.

SP Properties Ltd submitted an outline planning application (Z/2014/0390/O) in March 2014 proposing two towers of 20 and 17 storeys comprising 175no. apartments over a cafe/retail unit (1,850ft2) at ground level of the 20 storey tower (junction of Bridge End / Station Street), an external private garden area with access from level 4 of both tower blocks, and 175no. car parking spaces on 5 levels (2 basement levels, ground level and 2 above ground levels). The application was withdrawn in August 2018.