The Brickworks

Last Update: 23 Feb 2020 | New Construction Photos

Previously a building contractor’s yard (0.36ha.) located between University Avenue and Rugby Avenue. H&J Martin Ltd (founded 1840) occupied the site, historically referred to as the Ulster Building Works, since at least 1885. Lagan Construction Group acquired H&J Martin in 2015.

H&J Martin submitted a planning application (LA04/2016/2531/F) in December 2016 proposing to develop a residential scheme comprising townhouses and apartments arranged around a central landscaped courtyard. The application included retention of no.163 Ormeau Road (c.1879) and change of use to form 2no. apartments. The application was approved in January 2018.

Site clearance work commenced during June 2018.

The 19th century building at 163 Ormeau Road was damaged by fire on 24th June 2018. The following day the Fire Service confirmed that the fire was “deliberate but the cause of the fire is still under investigation“.  The building was subsequently demolished.

Glasdrumman Developments Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2018/1506/F) during June 2018 proposing alterations to the January 2018 approval. The changes were approved in September 2018.

Choice Housing announced a design and build partnership with Clonrose Developments Ltd in February 2019. H&J Martin commenced construction of the first phase of 42no. units in March 2019. The first phase comprises 7no. townhouses and 35no. apartments arranged in three blocks around a central landscaped courtyard with 24no. parking spaces. The first phase is due to complete in March 2020.

A further 15no. units are proposed within a second phase. A planning application (LA04/2019/2203/F) for these units was submitted by Clonrose Developments (Ormeau) Ltd in September 2019.

Construction of the second phase commenced during late 2021.