Aldersgate House

Last Update: 31 Aug 2016 | General Update

A three-storey building at the corner of University Road and Fountainville Avenue. Designed by Ferguson McIlveen Architects and completed in 1960 at a cost of £57,000 for the Methodist Church.

Belfast Islamic Centre (BIC) purchased the building in January 2016 and propose to relocate from their current premises at Wellington Park. The BIC propose to convert the building to provide a prayer space, drop-in centre, educational facilities and a coffee shop.

Belfast Islamic Centre and Pragma Planning submitted a planning application (LA04/2016/0525/F) in March 2016 proposing to change the use of the building from offices to a place of worship on part ground, first and second floors and to a coffee shop on part ground floor. The application also proposes demolition of a rear plant room and store and erection of new escape stair and link corridor and creation of improved disabled access and raised piazza at ground floor level and mihrab at first floor level. The application was approved in August 2016.