57 King Street

Last Update: 31 Dec 2021 | Planning Status Updated

  • Address: 57 King Street, Belfast, BT1 6AD
  • Use: Residential
  • Units: 11
  • Floors: 11
  • Planning Reference:


  • Planning Status: Approved
  • Project Status: Proposed
  • Developer:

    Amstel Developments Ltd

  • Architect:

    Arcus Architects

A vacant site at King Street located between two 10-storey buildings (College Central and IBIS Hotel).

Leehill Properties submitted a planning application (Z/2007/2940/F) in December 2007 proposing to develop a 10-storey extension to College Central comprising 9no. apartments and ground level car parking. The application was approved in February 2008 although it was not developed.

CBRE placed the site on the market during summer 2017 and the site sold during 2018.

Amstel Developments Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2018/1811/F) in July 2018 proposing to develop an 11-storey apartment building comprising 10no. apartments. The proposed building was reduced to 9-storeys and the application was approved in February 2019.

Amstel Developments Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2019/0911/F) in April 2019 proposing an additional two storeys to the previous approval (LA04/2018/1811/F) to provide 1no. additional duplex apartment within an 11-storey apartment building. The application was refused in September 2019 and Amstel Developments Ltd appealed the decision (ref: 2019/A0113). The Planning Appeals Commission allowed the appeal in April 2020.