56 – 76 Townsend Street

Last Update: 22 Dec 2018 | Planning Status Updated

56 – 76 Townsend Street and 110 – 122 Peters Hill is currently cleared undeveloped land. A planning application (Z/2008/1418/F) submitted in June 2008 proposed to develop two buildings. The first building comprising office use and the second comprising 30 apartments over 2 retail units at ground floor and 30 basement parking spaces. The application was approved in June 2010.

A planning application (LA04/2015/0686/F) submitted in June 2015 proposed to renew the previously approved planning application (Z/2008/1418/F). The proposed scheme was revised to omit the basement car park, 2no. ground floor retail units and 8no. apartments; reducing the height of the residential building from six to four storeys. The office / community building was reduced from five to four storeys. The revised scheme was granted planning permission in December 2018.