43 – 47 University Road

Last Update: 8 Feb 2020 | Project Status Updated

A 3-storey terrace built c1868-1877. The terrace was B1 listed in September 1979 (HB26/28/008).

Douglas Huston placed the property on the market in 2016. At the time the ground floor units were occupied by Bookfinders, Holohan’s Restaurant and Windrush Island Cafe.

Alterity Investments acquired the property during early 2017.

Alterity Investments and InsideOut Architects submitted a planning application (LA04/2017/2463/F) in October 2017 proposing to refurbish the building, amalgamate the ground floor to provide one cafe/restaurant unit and create 1no. 2-bed apartments and 3no. 1-bed apartments on the first and second floors. The application was approved in July 2018.

Unico Contracts Ltd commenced construction works during early 2019.

Alterity Developments Ltd and Insideout Architects submitted a planning application (LA04/2019/2437/F) in October 2019 to regularise existing approval LA04/2017/2463/F to alter and refurbish the ground floor to amalgamate two cafe units into one and refurbish the first and second floor to create 4no. one bedroom apartments.