20 – 30 Shankill Road

Last Update: 2 Mar 2019 | Planning Status Updated

Clear Group and Todd Architects submitted a planning application (Z/2012/0276/F) in March 2012 proposing to develop a single storey commercial building comprising 4no. hot food units and 1no. retail unit with associated car-parking. The application was approved in May 2014.

Clear Homes Ltd and Hall Black Douglas Architects had previously submitted a planning application (Z/2008/0145/F) in January 2008 proposing a three-storey building comprising 11no. apartments and 1no. ground floor retail unit at 10 – 30 Shankill Road. The application was approved in December 2008.

Clear Group submitted a planning application (LA04/2019/0208/F) in January 2019 proposing to renew the previous approval (Z/2012/0276/F) for 3no. hot food bars and 2no. retail units.