Gelston’s Corner

Last Update: 8 Jan 2022 | Project Status Updated

  • Address: 165 - 169 Holywood Road, Belfast, BT4 3BE
  • Use: Residential
  • Units: 23
  • Floors: 5
  • Planning Reference:


  • Planning Status: Approved
  • Project Status: Proposed
  • Developer:

    Stormont Inn Ltd

  • Architect:

    Wirefox Design

  • Planning Consultant:


A site formerly occupied by a two story building known as ‘The Stormont Inn’. The building was demolished in February 2017.

Stormont Inn Ltd and Wirefox Design submitted a planning application (LA04/2015/1160/F) in October 2015 proposing to demolish the existing building and develop a five storey residential building comprising 18no. apartments. The proposed scheme was amended in April 2017 and approved in May 2017.

Stormont Inn Ltd and Turley submitted a planning application (LA04/2019/2778/F) in November 2019 proposing to develop a six storey residential building comprising  17no. two bedroom apartments and 15no. one bedroom apartments (32no. total). The application was amended to propose a five storey residential building comprising 18no. two bedroom apartments and 5no. one bedroom apartments (23no. total) and approved in September 2021.