161 – 163 Victoria Street

Last Update: 2 Jul 2017 | New Project Added

  • Address: 161-163 Victoria Street, Belfast, BT1 4PE
  • Use: Retail
  • Floors: 3
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Start Date: 1884
  • Completion Date: 1885
  • Developer:

    Belfast Banking Co. Ltd

  • Architect:

    Samuel Patrick Close

  • Contractor:

    H & J Martin

161-163 Victoria Street & 2 Gloucester Street is a two-storey red sandstone building with three-storey rear return. Designed by Samuel Patrick Close for the Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. Built by H&J Martin between 1884 – 1885.

The two-storey section at Victoria Street was occupied by the Belfast Banking Co. Markets Branch and the three-storey section at Gloucester Street comprised the Bank Managers House. A Bank Manager resided in the rear section until the 1950s and the bank branch at Victoria Street closed in the 1970s. The building was B1 listed in June 1979 (HB26/50/047) whilst vacant.

The property was occupied by Owen Bros., stationers from c1984 – c2005; Lough & Quay, estate agents from 2010 – 2014, and; Lucas Love, recruitment agents from 2015 – present.

Andrew Mulvenna Hair acquired the property in June 2017 and propose to refurbish the building and open a hair salon by March 2018.