FX Montgomery Street

Last Update: 8 Jan 2022 | Project Status Updated

FX Montgomery Street is a 14-storey building comprising 32 apartments over a ground floor residents lounge.

The site was previously occupied by a three storey red-brick building with two ground floor commercial units and offices and storage on the upper floors. The site was placed on the market by McKibben in 2009. Village Homes Ltd acquired the site late 2009 / early 2010.

Village Homes submitted a planning application (Z/2010/0641/F) in May 2010 proposing to develop a 16-storey building comprising 54no. apartments. Following a reduction in the number of apartments (to 48no.) and height of the building (to 14-storeys) the application was approved in October 2011.

A marketing campaign for ‘Never Monday’ began in September 2011 with a show apartment (by Terry Furniture) on display in the neighbouring Victoria House. The proposed completion date subject to sales was advertised as late 2012 / early 2013. No development progressed.

Village Homes submitted a planning application (Z/2012/0606/F) in May 2012 proposing an amended scheme comprising 36no. one bedroom apartments. A BBC news report explained that the change from 48no. studio apartments to 36no. conventional one bedroom apartments reflected a market preference.

Harte Demolition and Mascott Construction commenced works on the site during September 2017.

FK Lowry commenced piling works in November 2017.

A marketing website – fxbelfast.com – launched during October 2018.

Mascott Construction completed the building in October 2019.