Wilton House

Last Update: 26 Aug 2018 | Planning Status Updated

  • Address: 5-6 College Square North, Belfast, BT1 6BB
  • Use: Residential
  • Units: 27
  • Floors: 7
  • Planning Reference:


  • Planning Status: Pending Decision
  • Project Status: Proposed
  • Start Date:


  • Completion Date:


  • Developer:

    Wilton Group Ltd

  • Architect:

    RPP Architects

  • Planning Consultant:


A four storey grade B1 listed building (HB26/50/102 A) that forms part of a terrace of Georgian properties at College Square North designed by Thomas Jackson during the 1820s – 1830s.

The current Wilton House was first built as a two separate homes with rear stables and coach houses. The two homes were combined around 1894 by Mr J. Hicks who opened the Hotel Metropole. The hotel comprised 14 guest bedrooms in addition to accommodation for Mr Hicks and his family. The hotel closed and in 1907 the Adult Deaf and Dumb Organisation established a mission hall within the building. The organisation became the Ulster Institute for the Deaf and continued to occupy the building until merging with the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID) in 1991. The RNID rebranded to Action on Hearing Loss in 2011 and relocated from College Square North to Adelaide Street.

The vacant property was placed on the market by BTW Shiells during 2012 and was included in Allsop LLP’s October 2012 commercial property auction, however it did not sell at auction.

Wilton House sold in March 2018.

Wilton Group Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2018/2097/F) in August 2018 proposing to refurbish the existing building to comprise 8no. apartments and develop a seven storey extension to the rear to comprise 19no. apartments.


The vacant site adjacent Wilton House (to the east) was occupied by four dwellings built in the 1820s in a similar style to the rest of the terrace at College Square North. The properties were damaged by a nearby bomb explosion in the 1970s and demolished shortly thereafter.

A planning application (Z/1992/2773) submitted in September 1992 proposed to develop the vacant site with a retail and office development although no development commenced.

The vacant site was placed on the market by Hampton Estates in February 2017 inviting offers in the region of £250,000. The site sold during 2017.