Ulster University Car Park

Last Update: 17 Feb 2019 | New Construction Photos

A multi-storey car park (c.487 spaces) associated with the nearby Ulster University campus. The building comprises a ground floor retail unit (c700m2).

Ulster University and Juno Planning submitted a planning application (Z/2012/1034/F) in September 2012. DoE Planning issued a decision to refuse the application in August 2013. Ulster University appealed the refusal in the same month and the Planning Appeals Commission held a public hearing in December 2013. Ulster University presented a revised proposal and a decision to allow was issued by the Planning Appeals Commission in February 2014.

A legal challenge sought to judicially review the Planning Appeal Commission’s decision although this was dismissed by the High Court in June 2014.

O’Hare & McGovern commenced works on site during February 2019.