Ulster University Car Park

Last Update: 7 Aug 2016 | New Project Added

Currently a surface level car-park. Ulster University propose to develop a six storey building comprising ground floor retail unit (c700m2) and multi-storey car-parking (c487 spaces).

Ulster University and Juno Planning submitted a planning application (Z/2012/1034/F) in September 2012. DoE Planning issued a decision to refuse the application on 7 August 2013.

Ulster University appealed the refusal on 21 August 2013 and the Planning Appeals Commission held a public hearing in December 2013. Ulster University presented a revised proposal and a decision to allow was issued by the Planning Appeals Commission on 7th February 2014.

A legal challenge from a local resident sought to judicially review the Planning Appeal Commission’s decision although this was dismissed by the High Court in June 2014. Mr Justice Treacy explained that it “it would introduce uncertainty since a person not involved in the process could, as here, emerge late in the day to mount a challenge including seeking to rely on points not taken by any of the participants in the appeal and even though better placed challengers who actually participated in the process have not sought judicial review”. The judge added that “it is clear that the grant of leave would cause manifest prejudice and endanger the entire Greater Belfast Development Project, a project acknowledged to be the most important regeneration scheme for Belfast city centre for the next five-ten years”.

Tendering for a contractor commenced early 2017.

An archaeological dig took place in the car park during May 2017.