Radisson Blu Hotel

Last Update: 13 Jun 2016 | New Project Added

A £14m, 132 bedroom, nine-storey hotel building developed by Inislyn Ltd for the Radisson Hotel. Designed by Halliday Ramsay and built December 2002 – August 2004 by Farrans Construction.

In 2007 Inislyn Ltd and Consarc Design Group presented plans to Belfast City Council for a c£10m, five-storey extension providing ground floor spa, pool and kitchens, 600 seat function room at first floor, five meeting rooms at second floor and 60 bedrooms across the third and fourth floors. To finance the development Inislyn Ltd plan to build a stand alone c£4m, 35,000ft2 five-storey office building.  Inislyn also proposed a four and a half deck car park for 360 cars. In 2008 Belfast City Council entered into negotiations with Inislyn Ltd.