Erskine House

Last Update: 17 Feb 2019 | New Construction Photos

Erskine House is a proposed eight storey building comprising ground floor retail units and office accommodation above. The site is bound by 7-9 Arthur Place, 28-36 Arthur Street, 20-36 Chichester Street.

The site was previously occupied by a 1960s four storey building at the corner of Arthur Street and Chichester Street; demolished 1998. The buildings at 24 – 32 Chichester Street were also demolished in 1998 and the four storey 1980s building at 34-36 Chichester Street was demolished in July 2017.

Orby Investment Ltd and Todd Architects submitted a planning application (LA04/2016/1789/F) in August 2016 proposing to develop an eight storey office building with ground floor retail units. The application was approved in February 2017.

McCusker Demolition demolished the last remaining building on the site (34-36 Chichester Street) during July 2017.

HM Revenue & Customs signed an agreement to lease c.104,220ft2 of office space within Erskine House for a period of 25 years. Approximately 1,600 employees are expected to move into the new HMRC office from late 2019.

Graham Construction commenced construction of Erskine House during autumn 2017 and completion is scheduled for 2019.