British Home Stores

Last Update: 21 Aug 2018 | General Update

The former British Home Stores department store comprises a number of interconnected buildings at: 13-25 Castle Lane, 3-9 Cornmarket, 6-12 Castle Arcade, 11-15 Castle Arcade and 24-26 Castle Place.

13-25 Castle Lane comprises a three storey building built 1965-1966 and clad in exposed aggregate panels. The Classic Cinema opened on this site on 24th December 1923. It was later acquired by Provincial Cinematograph Theatres in August 1928 and Gaumont British Theatres  from 1929. The theate was renamed The Gaumont from July 1950 and closed in September 1961. The building was demolished shortly thereafter and the current retail building was developed for British Home Stores.

3-9 Cornmarket 6-12 Castle Arcade comprises a four storey red-brick building built 1985 (ref: Z/1984/1393). Built as an extension of 13-25 Castle Lane to comprise retail and restaurant use.

24-26 Castle Place and 11-15 Castle Arcade comprises a three storey building built c1965  and clad in polished black granite and cladding panels.

British Home Stores occupied the buildings above until closing on Sunday 28th August 2016.

M & G Real Estate and Todd Architects submitted a planning application (LA04/2017/2681/F) in November 2017 proposing refurbishment and reconfiguration of the former BHS buildings including installation of new external fabric, new entrances, shopfronts, service access and services connections.

The proposal involves subdivision of the building into two standalone units – Unit A (21,679ft2) at Castle Place and Unit B (71,126ft2) at Castle Lane.

Mascott Construction commenced enabling works during January 2018.

Harte Demolition commenced works during February 2018.

The planning application to redevelop the former BHS buildings were approved in June 2018.

The unit at Castle Place will be occupied by Guineys. The retailer will open by December 2018.