Belfast Transport Hub

Last Update: 28 Dec 2019 | Project Status Updated

The proposed Belfast Transport Hub involves the redevelopment of the Europa Bus Centre, Great Victoria Street Railway Station and surrounding NI Transport Holding Company (NITHC) land (c20 acres) at Grosvenor Road. The NITHC is proposing to develop an integrated transport interchange comprising; station concourse, 26 bus stands, 8 railway platforms, bus maintenance and parking, car parking and a new public square. The remaining land is proposed as a phased commercial development known as Weavers Cross.

Translink invited submissions from Integrated Design Team’s in July 2013 to prepare a masterplan for the whole site and to then take forward the preferred design solution. John McAslan & Partners and Arup were appointed in July 2014 as the project Design Team.

As part of the Transport Hub enabling works, John Tinnelly and Sons Ltd demolished the vacant warehouse buildings at Grosvenor Road during March – May 2016.

Translink undertook public consultation during November 2016.

The Infrastructure Minister announced in January 2017 that when the planning application for the Transport Hub is submitted it will be processed by the Department for Infrastructure and the final decision will rest with the Infrastructure Minister.

Translink hosted a public information event on in February 2017. Information presented at the event is available online at

The Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company submitted the Transport Hub planning application (LA04/2017/1388/F) in June 2017. The application proposes a “new integrated transport interchange comprising; station concourse, 26 bus stands, 8 railway platforms, bus maintenance and parking, track and signalling enhancements, bus access bridge, cycle and taxi provision, car parking, new public square, public realm improvements, highway improvements, infrastructure improvements, temporary structures for bus operations during construction and temporary site construction compounds”The application was approved in March 2019.

Graham Construction were awarded the Transport Hub enabling works contract in November 2019. The works are scheduled to complete during early 2021. The main build phase is expected to commence in 2021 on completion of the enabling works.

Graham submitted a Noise Management Plan and Dust Management Plan in December 2019. The documents provide an overview of proposed activities and indicative dates:

Dec 2019 – June 2020: construction of temporary staff mess facilities.

Jan 2020 – Sept 2020: ground remediation works.

June 2020 – July 2020: demolition of two bus maintenance garages and a staff mess facility.

Aug 2020: demolition and replacement of an existing bridge over the railway.

May 2020 – Jan 2021: re-alignment of an existing culvert running through.


Further information on the Belfast Transport Hub and wider Weavers Cross development can be found at the official website:



Belfast Transport Hub video (credit: Translink)