Belfast Harbour Studios

Last Update: 13 Aug 2016 | General Update

Belfast Harbour Studios is a £20m film studio complex located north of Dargan Road within Belfast City Council’s 340 acre North Foreshore (Giant’s Park) site. The 8 acre Belfast Harbour Studios complex comprises 2no. film studios and sound stages of approximately 33,000ft2 each (75m x 40.8m each), 2no. workshop buildings of approximately 11,000ft2 each and a 3-storey 37,000ft2 office/ production building.

Belfast Harbour, Turley and RPP Architects submitted a planning application (LA04/2015/1605/F) in December 2015 proposing a film studios complex comprising production, studio and workshop buildings, associated service yards, car parking and landscaping. The application was approved in February 2016.

O’Hare & McGovern commenced construction in April 2016. Click here to view Belfast Harbour’s live webcam of construction.


Fly-through of Belfast Harbour Studios. Credit: Belfast Harbour.