140 Donegall Street

Last Update: 14 Jun 2018 | Project Status Updated

140 Donegall Street is currently a surface car park. A planning application (Z/2006/1544/F) submitted in 2006 by Straben Developments and RPP Architects proposed a five – twelve storey residential building comprising 226 apartments, ground floor retail units at Donegall Street and a double basement car park accessed from Little Donegall Street. Planning permission was granted in June 2008 and enabling works were undertaken at Little Donegall Street, creating the entrance to the proposed underground parking area.

The site was briefly included within Northside Regeneration Ltd’s proposed Belfast Northside scheme (2015- 2016).

Northside Regeneration Ltd and RPP Architects submitted a planning application (LA04/2015/0609/F) in June 2015 proposing a managed student accommodation building comprising 710no. units with 54no. lower ground floor parking spaces. This was amended in June 2016 to 620no. units with 54no. lower ground floor parking spaces. The application was refused permission in October 2016.

Northside Regeneration Ltd / Balfour Beatty Investments submitted a planning appeal (ref: 2016/A0202) in January 2017. The appeal hearings took place during June 2017 and in November 2017 the Planning Appeals Commission issued a decision to allow and granted full planning permission.

The surface car park operated by HandyPark closed during June 2018 – it’s not yet known if this is temporary or in advance of development.