10 Ann Street

Last Update: 12 Aug 2018 | Planning Status Updated

  • Address: 10 Ann Street, Belfast, BT1 4EH
  • Use: Leisure
  • Floors: 3
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Start Date:


  • Completion Date:


  • Architect:

    John J. McDonnell

A three storey red brick building with painted stone details. Designed by John J. McDonnell and built 1907 – 1908.

During the 1990s this was the Capstan Bar.

Little Wing pizzeria opened at the ground floor in 2009.

The upper floors have traded as Love and Death Inc. cocktail bar since 2010.

MACLAD Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2018/2030/F) in August 2018 proposing a new roof top bar and terrace at Love and Death Inc.